A Day For Practice And Exploring


We were very relieved to be able to sleep in this morning (Tuesday). I actually feel like I’ve gotten over my jetlag finally. We went down for breakfast at 8:30. Breakfasts are really good. There is fresh fruit and yogurt, scrambled eggs, and best of all, assorted breads with cheese and cold meet. I don’t know why, but I really enjoy a crispy roll with cheese and cold meet for breakfast (very European). We took the 9:00 bus to the competition venue and watched some of our teammates shoot their qualification rounds. Then we set off to explore the town of Donaueschingen.


We walked through a park which went along the Danube River, crossed a bridge and came into town. It took only about 20 minutes. Today was a beautiful day in the 70’s. Such a difference from yesterday when it rained all day. We passed by the Princely Palace and the museum which we will try to check out possibly Thursday. We stopped at a coffee shop and I had a cappuccino. Courtney had something like a latté and Mark and Kerry had similar to a route beer float, only with coffee and ice-cream. The staff was so friendly and tried very hard to help us order. They were impressed that we were interested in trying new things. The one gentleman said so many Americans want to have what they’re used to and not try something outside their culture. We told them we’d be back to try some of their pastries. We browsed some of the shops and then found a great place for lunch. The waitress spoke some English and described the menu to us. I had Flamicucher and Courtney had Maultascher. Mine was like a very thin crust pizza with mozzarella, ham and pineapple. Courtney’s was similar to ravioli with sausage and eggs. Mark had it too. In know, doesn’t seem very German, but this is how they were described to us. Kerry had a sausage sandwich. We enjoyed it very much.

Janice, Courtney, Mark and Kerry having lunch in Donaueschingen

We then walked back to the competition venue. On the way we passed the observation area which is the birth place of the Danube river. There is renovation going on, so lots of scaffolding, but really interesting to see and hear how the water bubbles up from the ground.


When we got back to the competition venue, I decided to practice for a little while. We discovered that I had forgotten my sight back at the hotel, so I decided to do blank bale for today. When I shoot blank bale, I don’t use my adaptive sighting equipment. Courtney watches from behind and lets me know that I’m aiming toward the target and I can focus on my form. I don’t have to worry about where the arrows are landing at such a close distance.


When we got back to the hotel, I talked to Mom on Skype. We couldn’t believe what a clear connection we had. It didn’t seem any different than when I talk to her at home.


This evening we were served fish for dinner. Not Courtney’s choice at all, but I thought it was very good. Dessert was berries and thick cream which was delicious.


At 8:00 we had a team meeting. They went over the schedule for tomorrow and I asked about the format that I’ll be shooting in the gold medal round on Sunday. Mark is going to be invaluable to me in the coming days, helping me to prepare for this type of shooting. This is how it will work. It’s called set matches. I will be shooting against the archer who wins the elimination round shot on Friday afternoon. The highest ranked archer will choose whether they want to shoot first in the rotation, or second. The clock will start. If I shoot first, Courtney will say “go” and I will shoot an arrow in 20 seconds. As soon as I shoot the arrow, the 20 seconds will begin again and my opponent will shoot his/her arrow. We will rotate like this until we have each shot a total of three arrows. The arrows on the target will then be scored. The archer with the highest score will receive 2 points. If there is a tie, each archer will receive 1 point. Then we will shoot another round and score it. We will continue until an archer reaches or exceeds 6 points. The archer who reaches 6 points first will be the winner. There is a lot of pressure shooting this type of round. Twenty seconds is plenty of time to shoot an arrow, but with the added pressure of knowing you are being timed, and the fact that everyone is watching you because it’s the only competition being done at that time, it can be tough. That is why I will be so grateful to Mark for helping me practice it this week.


That’s all for now. Please ask me anything you’d like in the comment field and I’ll try to answer you in my next post. We’re going to go get some ice-cream and post this.















About Janice Walth

My first blog, See No Limits, discusses why I enjoy competing in the sport of archery as a person who is blind. I hope other people who are blind will realize that archery is a legitimate sport for them and that they can do it as a hobbie as well as competitively. I share my experiences and hope you or someone you might know will want to give it a try. My second blog, Guide Dog Musings, talks about my life working with a guide dog partner. I want people to know how special the bond is between a person who is blind and their dog guide. I hope you'll want to encourage your family and friends to either donate to this wonderful nonprofit organization, volunteer to raise a puppy that can go on to become a guide, or decide to apply for a guide dog yourself.
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3 Responses to A Day For Practice And Exploring

  1. Good to know what you will be facing on Sunday and that you will have a chance to prepare.
    Great that Mark will be there to help you.

  2. Barbara Collins says:

    Really enjoy your updates. How in the heck does a blind person spell so well? Mike

    Sent from my iPhone


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