Another Trip to Donaueschingen And Cheering On Our Fellow Archers

Today we decided to make another trip into Donaueschingen. We took the 9:00 bus to the archery field. We met up with the Team Manager who said he was planning to walk into town to check it out while he had a break. We asked if he wanted to join us and we’d show him what we’d found when we went on Tuesday. So we set off on the lovely walk through the park and into town, stopping on the way for many photo ops.

Mark, Kerry, Janice, Courtney and Phil on bridge coming into town UsOnBridgeWithTeamManager

Team Manager, Phil, said he wanted to check out a place where the team might be able to go for dinner. It needed to be wheelchair accessible and affordable, and it had to be authentic German food. We took him to the café where we had coffee on Tuesday and the manager directed us to the Furstenberg Brewery which has a nice restaurant. We walked over there and let Phil negotiate while we took more pictures. Then we all went to the bank and showed Phil the nice souvenir shop we had found. We saw some of our teammates there.


Phil went on his way back to the archery field and we decided to go to the grocery store there in town. Kerry and Mark were dying for some soda and we hoped to find some lemon juice to squirt into our bottled water to make it better tasting. We found both and some wonderful treats. It was a nice little store with lots of fresh items.


From there we went back to our favorite café. Kerry and Mark got Apple Strudel and truffles. Courtney and I shared authentic Black Forest Cake. I had a cup of cappuccino and Courtney had a milk coffee. We sat there for a long time, hooked up to their wifi, posting to Facebook and having fun reading everyone’s comments.


On our way back to the archery range, we passed an area where kids were playing and there were concession stands. Courtney got a bratwurst and fries which he thoroughly enjoyed. We ran into one of the World Archery photographers and he helped Courtney order. He asked if I would have time tomorrow to do an interview for Bogen Sports Magazine . He’s going to meet us at the practice range at 10:00. That should be fun. I’m going to have Courtney try to video tape it for me.


When we got back to the archery field, we were just in time for the afternoon individual elimination rounds. The four of us found a bench and cheered on our team all afternoon. At the end of the day, after announcing the winners, the announcer gave special recognition to the USA and Italy for the best cheering squad. That was really fun.


When we got back to the hotel, a polka band was playing in the bar. Courtney took a video of them playing and the audience playing spoons to the music. It seems like an event that brings out the whole village. We really enjoyed listening to them. The crowd sang along with songs and were having a great time. We can hear them from our room. It’s after 10:00 and they’re still going strong.


Tomorrow morning I have a mission for Courtney. He’s such a good sport. I’m going to set the alarm to go off before 6:00 so that he can get up and go downstairs in time to video the church up the way playing the Angeles at 6:00. It happens every morning and I think it’s wonderful. I’ll post it if it works out.


Tomorrow morning (Friday) we’re going to visit the church up the street. Some of the archers have gone and say it is just beautiful. I sure would like to go to Mass on Sunday if possible. Then we’ll go to the field to practice and do the interview. A woman from World Archery, who is from Holland, wants to see me shoot and talk to us about how to start up a program for their visually impaired citizens. In the afternoon will be the visually impaired competitions that will determine who shoots in the medal rounds on Sunday. I’ll find out who I will be shooting against.


Well, Courtney is washing shirts and it’s time for some sleep, if the polka band will let us.














About Janice Walth

My first blog, See No Limits, discusses why I enjoy competing in the sport of archery as a person who is blind. I hope other people who are blind will realize that archery is a legitimate sport for them and that they can do it as a hobbie as well as competitively. I share my experiences and hope you or someone you might know will want to give it a try. My second blog, Guide Dog Musings, talks about my life working with a guide dog partner. I want people to know how special the bond is between a person who is blind and their dog guide. I hope you'll want to encourage your family and friends to either donate to this wonderful nonprofit organization, volunteer to raise a puppy that can go on to become a guide, or decide to apply for a guide dog yourself.
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2 Responses to Another Trip to Donaueschingen And Cheering On Our Fellow Archers

  1. jmunitt says:

    That was a great post. You are doing so well, getting out and about.

  2. Mary Leuci says:

    Your description of your events make me feel like I am there with you Janice. Thank you for sharing this wonderful adventure. I am happy that you are having fun and cheering you on to victory that you so deserve. Hugs

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