My Gold Medal Match Live Streamed Tomorrow

Just a quick note to let you know that World Archery will be live streaming my gold medal match tomorrow on archery TV. This link should help to get you there.



If you don’t want to get up at 4:30 in the morning pacific time to watch, you can replay it later.



It’s been a very long day so I’ll have to update you later. The team won two gold medals in the men’s compound Open and W1 categories! Very exciting and can be viewed on archery TV on YouTube as well.


I talked to the field announcer today who has been giving commentary all week and will be for the medal matches tomorrow on archery TV. I gave him the run-down on visually impaired archery so he can provide knowledgeable color. I wanted to make sure he had some idea about what he was watching and reporting on. He seemed very happy to learn about the technique of shooting visually impaired. Hope you are able to watch!


About Janice Walth

My first blog, See No Limits, discusses why I enjoy competing in the sport of archery as a person who is blind. I hope other people who are blind will realize that archery is a legitimate sport for them and that they can do it as a hobbie as well as competitively. I share my experiences and hope you or someone you might know will want to give it a try. My second blog, Guide Dog Musings, talks about my life working with a guide dog partner. I want people to know how special the bond is between a person who is blind and their dog guide. I hope you'll want to encourage your family and friends to either donate to this wonderful nonprofit organization, volunteer to raise a puppy that can go on to become a guide, or decide to apply for a guide dog yourself.
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