Feeling Honored And Grateful

Janice holder her Prime bow with B-Stinger stabilizers. Her gold medal is around her neck. Her quiver with Carbon Tech arrows is leaning against a table with her trophy.

This was a nice recap of my competition this past Sunday. So honored to be included in the same article with this world class archer, Eric Bennett.


Thank you Lodi News Sentinel for your interest in my archery journey.



Thanks CBS 13 for your kind recognition of my gold medal and for interest in visually impaired archery.





About Janice Walth

My first blog, See No Limits, discusses why I enjoy competing in the sport of archery as a person who is blind. I hope other people who are blind will realize that archery is a legitimate sport for them and that they can do it as a hobbie as well as competitively. I share my experiences and hope you or someone you might know will want to give it a try. My second blog, Guide Dog Musings, talks about my life working with a guide dog partner. I want people to know how special the bond is between a person who is blind and their dog guide. I hope you'll want to encourage your family and friends to either donate to this wonderful nonprofit organization, volunteer to raise a puppy that can go on to become a guide, or decide to apply for a guide dog yourself.
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One Response to Feeling Honored And Grateful

  1. Bryce says:

    So honored and grateful to know and work with you, Janice! You deserve all of the success!

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