About See No Limits


Archery is probably not the first sport that comes to mind when you think about activities for people who are blind. I can assure you that it should be. I’m
blind and have been participating in target archery since 2004.


In this blog I’d like to share with you how you can try archery if you are blind. I’ll talk about where you can shoot and what special equipment you’ll


I also want to share some of my experiences shooting competitively. I’ve been so lucky to have participated in three world championships, competing
in the visually impaired category where I won silver, bronze, and now gold this past summer. My journals from the first competitions are on my web site seenolimits.org. You will find my latest World Championship journal right here as part of this blog. I also currently hold the world record for visually impaired archery in my category.


Because people don’t realize that this is a sport for all abilities, there are very few competitors, but I want to change that. Archery is a very fulfilling
sport that gives you a real feeling of accomplishment. It’s a great social sport that you can do with family and friends of all ages.


I hope I can inspire more people who are blind/visually impaired to give it a try.


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